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What To Wear For Halloween

Oh heeeeeey! Welcome back to Alice Adores Apparel! Are you currently panicking about sorting out your Halloween costume? If you are, stop right there. Here are three last minute costume ideas to help you out. Just remember, next day delivery is your best friend!

This Bride of Frankenstein costume is inspired by the 1935 movie of the same name. Throw on a white flowing dress and wrap the bandages around your arms to capture the character's look. The most important element of this costume is the crazy high hair. Use the Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle to prep your hair and give it some texture and volume, then backcomb the entire length of your hair from root to tip using this backcomb brush by Kent. Don't forget the signature white streak! Run the Fudge Urban Colour Chalk in 'Iced White'  over a side section of hair to get the iconic look. Use a black eyeliner to draw stitches on the neck and around the ears. Finish the costume with lashes and a red lip. I would recommend the Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour in 'Play With Fire'. Read my review here. If you really want to commit to the costume, try out my Bride of Frankenstein nail tutorial

I created this costume around the bodysuit. I really love the pentagram effect that the straps create. If you don't fancy flashing the flesh, wear a pair of shorts under your tutu. Slick your hair back into a sleek & polished bun, or roughly pin it up to create drama. The darker and more sinister you make this costume, the more effective it looks. Add gaunt, dead-faced make-up to show your ballerina's evil side! These Eylure Halloween lashes have a spider web effect which is extra creepy!

This skeleton costume is super simple. Commit to the look by using the double ended Beauty UK pencil from Superdrug to draw the skull features onto your face. There is an abundance of YouTube tutorials out there which show you how to draw the perfect skull. I picked out the Pretty Little Thing boots to go with the bodysuit because they are a great new season buy, so can be worn beyond Halloween. It's all about getting those multiple wears!

I hope this post has given you some Halloween inspiration.
Tell me in the comments which costume is your favourite!
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