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Rimmel Provocalips Review

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Today I have a review of the new Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colours for you.

Alongside the newly launched Apocalips Matte Lip Velvets, Provocalips are the latest edition to the Rimmel Apocalips line. They come in 8 gorgeously wearable shades, from nude to burgundy. The double ended packaging features a liquid lip colour and gloss topcoat. With its two step application, Rimmel boasts your lips can be ‘kiss-proof’, ‘smudge-proof’, and ‘food-proof’ for up to 16 hours.
When I first saw the advert for Provocalips, I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed with desire to try them out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always on the lookout for new lip colours with great staying power, however Rimmel make a lot of bold statements about this product, and I was convinced I would be disappointed as usual. I was so wrong! This lip colour is right up my street.
The application is a little unusual. First you smooth the colour over the lips and keep them apart for at least 60 seconds for the liquid to set. The main challenge here is swallowing without closing your mouth- dribbling just isn’t sexy!  You then apply the gloss overcoat to the touch dry lips, which seals in the colour. Both wands have doefoot applicators which are perfectly sized for precision and coverage. Provocalips definitely lives up to its smudge proof claim. You can run your fingers over your lips with zero transference. I love this element because for some reason on very heavy nights out I can end up with lipstick all over the place, especially on my forehead for some strange reason! Rimmel claims that Provocalips is food proof but I wouldn’t really agree. You do need to reapply after eating, and I would recommend drinking out of a straw. On the other hand, as long as you have an oil based cleanser or even some Vaseline, removal is super easy.
I tend to have incredibly dry lips so I tried this product with some trepidation. Often I find long lasting lipsticks can cling to any dry flakes making the colour look patchy. With Provocalips there was no patching to be seen. Like any lip product, if your lips do have any dry bits I would suggest a quick exfoliation before you apply, but it’s not essential. The lacquered lip colour almost seals the lips from the elements, protecting you from any further dryness. The glossy top coat feels similar to a balm and locks in moisture. From wearing this product daily I’ve actually seen the condition of my lips improve.
Initially I picked up the nude shade called ‘Make Your Move’ (730). I was travelling down to Swansea last weekend and panicked that I hadn’t packed any lip colours. (Of course I’d in fact packed about 5 but that’s not the point, a girl needs options!). Since then I have worn it daily. Well not that specific original Provocalips because I ended up losing it on the night out in Swansea… In fact the product pictured is actually the third ‘Make Your Move’ that I’ve bought, because my second one is kept in my desk drawer at work! It’s the perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade, slightly Kylie Jenner/90s nude, and perfect for creating that full volumous pout. I love it!
Next I picked up the fabulous ‘Kiss Fatal’ (230). I love this burgundy shade. When I bought it I thought it would be super opaque and pigmented to create a deep berry lip. However, the formula is much more subtle, more like a berry stain. I’m not complaining though, it’s much less stark and perfect for daytime.
Last of all I had to get a vampy red. I think this classic colour is always a good gage of a product. I went for the slightly deeper shade of ‘Play With Fire’. Its super pigmented and looks incredible with the gorgeous glossy finish.
There aren’t many negatives to the Provocalips range. As I mentioned above, the lip colour will be removed slightly by eating or drinking, but that’s the case with most lip products. I’m sure the lip colour could last 16 hours, but only if you didn’t eat or drink in those 16 hours, which is not an option for me! A girl’s got to eat! Secondly the scent and taste of the product isn’t great. It’s kind of plastic-y and not massively appealing, but it isn’t very strong. The formulas seem to have a trace amount of fine shimmer in, which personally I would prefer not to be included, but it's only particularly evident when the product starts to wear off. I find also when the product has been on for a while, there can be a small amount of pealing which gives the lips an odd texture.This doesn't affect how the product looks though. I think the packaging could be a little sleeker but that is never a deal breaker for me. It’s all about how the product performs. There's a possibility that the top coat could run out before the colour, but as I've not finished a tube yet I couldn't properly say.

Overall I would recommend the Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colours. I’m impressed with their staying power, and the three shades I picked up really complement my skin tone. They are definitely my go to lip colours at the moment. Price wise they retail at around £6.99. Considering how little product you use, because you don't need to touch up very often, I think that is pretty reasonable.
I hope you enjoyed my review!
Have you tried Provocalips? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I haven't tried provocalips but they look worth a try so I may pick one up :-)

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    1. Definitely give them a try. You'll be surprised at the staying power! Xxx


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