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Baking The Bake Off Week 5- Lemon Drizzle Cake

Oh heeeyyy welcome back to Alice Adores Apparel. If you're new here make sure you stick around! Today's post is all about Alternative Ingredients Week on The Great British Bake Off. Yes I know Bake Off is over (Nadiya you ma girl!) but I still wanted to put up my last attempts at each week. So if you are experiencing GBBO withdrawal, I'm your girl.

Anyway, back to Alternative Ingredients week. For many people this style of baking is pretty alien, and you could tell there were certain bakers who really embraced the absence of traditional ingredients and others who were completely thrown. The episode kicked off with the bakers creating sugar free cakes in the Signature Bake then a tricky gluten free pita Technical Challenge, finally topped off with dairy free arctic rolls in the Showstopper Challenge.

For my attempt at an alternative bake, I decided to make a sugar free, gluten free lemon drizzle cake. The recipe is completely my own creation. If you decide to recreate it, I'd love to see your finished bake. Just use the hashtag #AliceAdoresLemon on Instagram, so I can check it out!

As my sugar substitute I used a product called Sweet Freedom. It's a syrup made from grapes, apples, & carob and contains only 13 calories per teaspoon. I'd definitely recommend trying it out. I can't wait to experiment with it in more bakes.

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Sadly this will be the last of my Baking the Bake of series for this year. I didn't get a change to finish all of the challenges but I had great fun with my attempt at weeks 1-5. I'm still baking all the time so check out my Instagram (@AliceAdoresApparel) for my latest creations!

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