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Baking The Bake Off Week 4- Trio of Cheesecakes

Oh heeeyyy welcome back to Alice Adores Apparel. If you're new here make sure you stick around! First of all I have to start with an apology. My blog has been pretty quiet lately. After a strong start to my Baking The Bake Off posts I've drastically fallen behind. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day when you have a full time job and blog in your spare time. However, I'm starting to get on top of my posts now and I have some exciting new plans. Huge changes are coming to Alice Adores Apparel soon, keep checking back!

Today's post is all about Dessert Week on the The Great British Bake Off. With the creme brûlée Signature Bake and Austrian spanische windtorte Technical Challenge, this week was topped with a three tiered baked cheesecake Showstopper Challenge. The stand out Showstopper bake had to be Nadiya's Soda Pop Cheesecakes. I'm so impressed that she boiled soda down for 8 hours for the soda syrup alone!
Left to right
Nadiya's Soda Pop Cheesecakes and Matt's Chocolate Bar Cheesecakes
Unfortunately I definitely didn't have 8 hours spare to prepare for this bake like Nadiya. For my attempt at the Showstopper Challenge I baked a take on Matt's chocolate bar cheesecake stack. Inspired by my favourite chocolate bars, I made a Terry's Chocolate Orange cheesecake, Snickers cheesecake, and probably the most polarising flavour, Turkish Delight cheesecake. As usual I took my bakes into work for everyone to taste test and the feedback was the best yet!

This post is pretty picture heavy but bare with it because there are some Bake Off worthy puns awaiting you!

I love Terry's Chocolate Orange, to me it's not just a Christmas treat! This recipe was adapted from a Mary Berry chocolate ripple cheesecake on the BBC Food website. Stupidly I managed to forget to add the sugar to the mix, however luckily I used milk chocolate orange so it still had a good level of sweetness. All was not lost.

I made a simple chocolate ganache to top my Snickers cheesecake and Turkish Delight cheesecake. It's super easy and much better than using just chocolate because you can slice through it's soft texture. All you have to do is melt the ingredients together on a medium to low heat until fully combined, and then cool the mixture.

Who doesn't love a good Snickers bar?! Soft nought, salty peanuts, smooth caramel, all covered in chocolate. I especially love a Snickers ice cream in the summer, yum! This cheesecake was by far the most popular at work. I used Mary Berry's classic baked cheesecake recipe as a base for the vanilla cheesecake filling. To make it extra nutty I added crushed peanuts to the base mix and sprinkled them on top of the caramel topping too.

To a lot of people this is probably an odd choice but I personally can't get enough of Turkish Delight. Rose water, used to flavour Turkish Delight, is a little like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. This cheesecake split opinion at work. Some people told me it was their favourite, whereas another colleague told me I "needed to work on it"! I think it comes down to personal preference to be honest, but if you love anything rose flavoured, this cheesecake will be right up your street! I used the same Mary Berry recipe that I used for the Snickers one here.

I'd never made a baked cheesecake before so three in one day was a baptism of fire! I need to work on avoiding the pesky cracks in the cheesecake filling but other than that I'm very happy with the way they turned out.

Thanks very much for checking out Alice Adores Apparel. I will putting up my next Bake Off post in the next couple of days. Quickest way to find out when my next post is up is to follow me on Instagram & Twitter and look out for my new post announcements there!

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