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Baking The Bake Off Week 8: Raspberry Mojito Doughnuts

Oh heeeeey hungry people and welcome back to Alice Adores Apparel! It's Baking The Bake Off Wednesday, time for my run down of the baker's antics and my weekly bake. Not watched the episode yet? Catch up here!

Last week's show focused on advanced dough. If there was ever a theme to maximise the terror Paul Hollywood commands, this was the one! For the Signature Bake the contestants were asked to make enriched sweet fruit loaves. My favourite bake was definitely Richard's Fruit Swedish Tea Ring. It looked beautiful. Next up was the Technical Challenge, in which the contestants were expected to make Paul's Povitica. Having literally just baked one, Chetna was probably the luckiest person on earth when the bake was announced. If I was any of the other contestants I would have copied every single thing she did! Last up was the Showstopper Challenge, where the bakers were asked to produce doughnuts. As you can tell from my post, my favourite bake was definitely Luis' duo of cocktail inspired doughnuts. The raspberry mojito ring doughnut was a genius idea, such a delicious combination of flavours. His Baileys laced mudslide doughnuts were right up Mary's street! I've never seen her face light up so much on The Great British Bake Off!

Before I show you my Bake Off creation, check out my Bake Off Innuendo of The Week. Mel managed to slip in a double whammy when chatting with Luis about his povitica:

I was so happy when I saw Luis' recipe for Raspberry Mojito Doughnuts featured on the BBC website. This bake was lengthy but not too difficult.

The Dough

The Jam

The Glaze

Although this bake was a looooooong one (I ended up going to bed at 2:30am!), I really enjoyed it. I've never tried deep frying before and I'm pretty proud I managed not to burn myself! These doughnuts are delish. I like that they are rings with jam inside as a twist on tradition. The jam is to die for! I may have had a ridiculous number of 'quality control' samples while baking! Luis seemed to like my bake too:

Luis' recipe was very well crafted. Having tried a couple of his bakes, I'm impressed with his consistency. I think he has become my favourite baker on the show. I really hope he makes it to the final! 

I hope you enjoyed my latest Baking The Bake Off post! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on The Great British Bake Off! Who do you want to win?



  1. They look great! I always assumed there was a need for fancy equipment for doughnuts, but maybe not! Although I would worry about burning myself with all the oil haha. I've found this year's bakers to be excellent at engaging on twitter which has been so lovely :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you Jenny! Definitely give doughnuts a try. This recipe is a great starting point. I've loved the friendliness of the bakers too! They are so humble! Xxx

      Alice Adores Apparel

  2. I love bake off so much! I quite like Nancy, though haven't watched tonights, going to watch it in the morning with the boyfriend! Your doughnuts look amazing, don't think I could ever make something so complicated! Probably end up burning myself on the oil..! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you very much Jasmin! I love Nancy too. Especially when she talks back to Paul! Xxx


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