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Baking The Bake Off! Week 2: Savoury Biscuits

It's Wednesday, which means only one thing, time for another Baking The Bake Off post! Last week's Great British Bake Off episode centred around the wonderful world of biscuits. (Missed it? Catch up here.) The contestants were challenged to bake up a stunning set of savoury biscuits, tackle the tricky Florentine, and assemble some incredible 3D biscuit scenes. Yet again there was some cracking innuendo popping up throughout the show:

Great British Bake Off / / Love Productions
Usually I'm all about baking for a sweet tooth, but this week was my sister's birthday (Happy Birthday Limmy!), so mum literally went to town. There was a a fairy princess castle cake, profiteroles, and millionaire shortbread- all home made. So I decided savoury biscuits were definitely the way to go. I used, the now departed, Enwezor's recipe for pumpkin & sunflower seed biscuits from the BBC website. Although he didn't make it through biscuit week, his savoury biscuits were actually good!

Chedder Cheese with Garlic Pickle, Branston Pickle, & Hot Salsa.
I managed to get a good snap and crunch so I think Mary and Paul would be impressed! The recipe was a little unusual in that you baked the dough as a sheet initially, flipped it over, baked, cut it out, and baked again. Yum!
I'm super excited for tonight's new Great British Bake Off episode. Roll on the bread baking!

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on GBBO so far!


  1. They look really yummy :) I decided to do florentines this week, but those savoury biscuits do look quite appealing!
    Jennifer xx

    1. Thanks Jenny! I really wanted to tackle the Florentines but we had so much sweet stuff I couldn't :( Xxx

  2. They look absolutely gorgeous!! x

  3. That is unusual re the baking method! I am yet to do biscuit week but hopefully am making them tomorrow. (I know a week late!) I made the swiss roll from week 1 if you want a look, it's on my blog. x

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I'm not even sure if it was necessary!
      I'll be sure to check it out Amy!


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